Create Your Own TopSite!

A TopSite is yet another method of bringing legitimate targeted traffic to your website. Others can sign up for your TopSite, and add their website to it. They will include a link on their site that points to your TopSite, where their website visitors view a list of all the sites in your TopSite and choose one to visit. All hits coming in from their site, and going out to their site, are counted. Websites are listed in the order of how many hits they’ve brought in, the most hits being on top. The first 10 websites have their 468×60 banner displayed. The more hits a user sends to your TopSite, the higher up in the ranks, and on the page, they’ll be listed. will host your TopSite for you, and handle all of the traffic. Your TopSite pages are fully customizable to match your website. You can configure the page colors, text that appears at the top and bottom of the TopSite pages (this would be where you would include links to your own site!), and support for Cascading Style Sheets or JavaScript (or anything else that appears between <head> and </head>).

This is a completely free service, and since this service is new, many new features will be added shortly. Feedback from users are always welcomed and encouraged, to help develop the service with new, bug-free features.