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Today’s webmaster’s are tasked with a wide range of different duties and responsibilities. Aside for developing websites and launching them live to a worldwide audience, one of the most important is analyzing and monitoring the website on a continuous basis. Therefore, before a site owner deploys any site for their business, it is essential that they know why a web master’s activities are imperative to the success of their overall operation.

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#1 – Helps with Eliminating and Minimizing Downtime

The launch of a new site can be a very exciting experience for everyone involved. Since most business sites require quite a bit of preparation from the initial design to its publication, people are normally glad to see when all of this work is complete and the site is active.

While the excitement is definitely warranted, it is still important not to lose sight of the momentum that the webmaster has going. Particularly, because a huge part of this kind of work is just beginning. For instance, a web master is responsible for ensuring the site stays up and running 24/7 without disruption. The only exceptions to this rule is when there is a planned outage for maintenance. Otherwise, the site is expected to be up without unnecessary downtime.
In order to eliminate these issues, the webmaster must monitor its activities in the background to make sure the site does not need any type of maintenance. Or, if the site is experiencing downtime problems due to an unreliable low budget host. Either way, a webmaster reviews the status of their sites on a continuous basis so that users can always access the site when they want to visit the site.


#2 – Catches Malicious Activities Before it Damages the Brand
Some people spend their time hacking sites to disrupt businesses. In fact, it is not an uncommon event, and over time these activities can become much more prevalent. Unfortunately, when these intruders are hacking a site, they may decide to use more than one technique to bring the site down. Some of the more commonly known tactics are provided for review below.

- Malware
- Adware
- Bots
- Viruses
- Bugs
- Ransomware
- Rootkit
- Spyware
- Trojan

All of which can be described as software that is intended to cause certain problems. For instance, if a hacker wants to bring down a network server, the webmaster may see specific symptoms of these issues before they can succeed. Some of which include seeing a huge increase in CPU usage, site pages freezing or crashing, problems connected to the network, and emails being sent without the knowledge of the sender. All of which can be identified by the webmaster in advance when they are analyzing and monitoring and analyzing the sites’ activities.


#3 – Monitors Security of the Site - Prevents Identity Theft

A webmaster does so much more than keeping a site up and running. In fact, the role that they play can save their companies thousands to millions of dollars at a time. Specifically, in the situations where they discover security breaches in a site that exposes a company to identity theft. For instance, e-commerce sites obtain sensitive personal data from their customer all of the time. This data is often used to charge the customer for the products and services that they buy real-time.

Unfortunately, if a hacker gains access to this information, they can do a lot of damage to their customers’ accounts. Particularly, when they charge large fraudulent amounts to the customers in their databases. To prevent these large situations from occurring, webmasters are always looking for activities that indicate when a predator is on their networks.


#4 – Quickly Researches, Analyzes and Fixes Google Rankings Drops

In addition to preventing data identity theft problems, the webmaster is also tasked with troubleshooting Google Ranking drop issues. Since the cause of these issues can vary from one issue to another, the webmaster will need to review the situation to see where it stems from. For instance, there are many different reasons for a drop in rankings, which includes the following.

The launch of a new website
Sometimes a company ditches the old site for a completely new design. When this occurs, there can be an automatic drop in rankings that may not be discovered until it is too late. However, when a webmaster is monitoring and analyzing their sites on a continuous basis, they can identify these problems and fix them immediately with a solution that involves using a ‘301’ redirect plan.

Low Quality Links

Webmaster's can also catch problems that comes from low quality links. Because low quality links can harm the site’s ranking, these problems will also need to be identified as quickly as possible and replace with good links. If you're using a affordable seo service, then they should assist you with finding and removing bad links, in addition to helping your website rank higher in search engines.

#5 – Monitors and Fixes Common Website Errors 

While a webmaster monitors and analyzes the site for peculiar problems that need to be addressed, they can also encounter common website errors that need to be reviewed and corrected too. So, for those who are interested, Here’s a brief list of common errors that many web masters handle on a regular basis.

#1 - 500 - Internal Server Error
This is a general-purpose error that users see. The cause is due to an overloaded server.

#2 - 404 - Not Found
This message appears when a user tries to access a web page that does not exist anymore. This error normally appears when there is a broken link. For instance, the web page was moved, deleted, or the user misspelled the Url.

#3 - 502- Service Temporarily Overloaded
A 502 error usually occurs when the server is congestion. The webmaster can intervene by re-directing traffic or allow it to correct itself automatically when the traffic dies down.

#4 - 503 Service Unavailable
If the server is completely down or the site is too busy, the users may receive this error. Therefore, it too will need to be corrected by the webmaster before the site experiencing a lot of unnecessary downtime.

All of the errors above are actionable items that the webmaster will need to fix when they are monitoring and analyzing the site.

A webmasters job is usually all encompassing, especially when they are monitoring and analyzing a site today. A big part of their primary role is to make sure the site is up and running smoothly at all times without users experiencing errors on the site due to human errors or insufficient hosting resources. Also, while looking out for the company that they service, they are always on guard for various kinds of malicious activities that will take down servers and incidents of costly identity theft practices.